Apply for Certification

VOF encourages all potential producers to read the guidelines to become familiar with organic regulations before applying for certification. New producers can apply for organic certification through VOF by contacting the office at 802-434-3821 or emailing



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When reaching out to VOF, be prepared to answer questions about what product you’d like to get certified, your business name and location, and how to contact you. We will direct you to a certification specialist who is knowledgeable in your type of production, will talk to you about the process, will ask about common stumbling blocks for new producers, as well as answer any questions about the guidelines you might have. 

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After your talk with a certification specialist, you will be provided the Organic System Plan (OSP) in a digital or paper format to fill out and return with your certification fee.

Once VOF receives your full application and fee payment a certification specialist will review your application, make comments that will be provided to you, and send your file to an independent inspector. The inspector will reach out to you to schedule a time to look at your production areas and records. After the on-site visit, the inspector will write up a report to send to your certification specialist who will review it, identify any improvement areas, and issue your organic certificate.

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Once you are certified you will remain certified until your certification is surrendered, suspended or revoked, but please note that you must update your Organic System Plan (OSP) and pay a certification fee on an annual basis. 

It is important that you do not sell or advertise any products as certified organic until you receive your organic certificate.