Climate-Friendly Digital Marketing Toolkit: Media Files

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Media Files

Three photos, one of a bee, one of a hand holding soil, and one of a man trimming a plant.

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Here you’ll find professional photos of climate-friendly farming as well as graphics for social media and graphics for other web use. Feel free to download and use these assets for your marketing needs. We have also made suggestions on which photos and graphics to use throughout this toolkit.

You’ll notice the social media graphics speak to three of the campaign’s themes:

  1. The power of healthy soils to improve our climate resilience (farmer holding soil).
  2. Organic farming is good for local communities (farmer trellising peas).
  3. Organic farming protects natural resources (orchardist).


One Instagram-specific note: If you’re looking to post these graphics on Instagram, there is a series of Instagram graphics for each theme, so feel free to post them individually, or as a “carousel” post, which would contain the full series in each post.