What Can I Certify?

Any agricultural product grown or processed following USDA National Organic Program Standards can be certified. 

For example, water is not an agricultural product and therefore cannot be certified organic. Crops, livestock & livestock products, maple syrup, and multi-ingredient food products are the most common certified organic products. Other products, like soap or personal care products made from agricultural ingredients may also be certified organic.

Additionally, some products that seem like they could qualify as “agricultural” are considered outside of the scope of organic certification. Examples like compost (though compost used by organic farms must be approved for use by the certifying agency), timber products like wood and paper, etc. are all considered outside the scope of organic certification. 

In addition:

  • VOF does not accept applications for hydroponic production of edible crops to a harvestable stage.
  • VOF does not accept applications from producers or processors outside of Vermont.