Certify Grass-Fed

Vermont Organic Farmers, LLC (VOF) is accredited to certify farms to the Organic Plus Trust, Inc. (OPT) Certified Grass-Fed Organic Standards. 

Grass-fed certification through OPT is an add-on certification that VOF-certified organic livestock producers are eligible to apply for. VOF became accredited by OPT due to producer interest, market demand, and contractual obligations for fluid milk producers. This certification verifies and demonstrates to consumers that livestock products were produced without grains. 

Producers who are not selling fluid milk to a co-op may choose to apply for OPT certification. Once successfully certified and after contacting OPT to enter into a licensing agreement, a producer may use terms such as “100% grass fed certified” or “certified grass fed” on their products. 

You can find out more information about OPT on their website, including more information about their standards and guidelines.