Winston Rost

Certification Specialist (Processing, Maple, Crops)


Extension: 7167

Winston graduated from Davidson College in North Carolina, a long time ago. He came back to Vermont and worked at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters / Keurig for 24 years, starting out as a part-time barista in the Factory Outlet in Waterbury, VT and ending as the Farmer Relations Manager, working with coffee farmers all over the world. When he’s not wishing the pandemic was over so he could get back to playing ice hockey, he dreams of tapping the stand of sugar maples in the backwoods. For fun, he plays in a rock band with fellow certification specialist Gregg “I wanna rock” Stevens called Prohibited Substances. They were on their “Integrity Tour” in suburban Columbus, Ohio when the pandemic cut things short. Their big hits like “ I wanna commingle (with you)”, “Slap on a 272” and “I’m touching Gregg’s Maple OSP button!” can all be enjoyed on Spotify.